Iterative Design of a mermaid

A short post this week, owing to the fact that I’ve been at grown up summer camp most of the week. 😅

Let me show you a page from my sketchbook.

A screenshot of a page of my digital sketchbook showing the drawing In several stages

I like this page because it shows the thought process behind this particular drawing very well. It will probably be showing up as a full painting eventually, but I may tweak the design further still.

The first doodle was just that. A little sketch of a flow, and a referenced sketch of a woman standing to build onto. At first it was her hair sweeping across her, but eventually that was changed into a flow of water.

Colored flat digital sketch of a mermaid with a spear.  A band of water circles her.

we’ll have to see where it goes from here.

Oh, and that little frog is a study. He did get a little painting, but will probably not go further than this sketch.