Using a modern technique emulating the process and ethos of William Blake that I am calling illuminated digital printing, I am telling the story of a young girl named Emelina. These paintings are digital engravings, where Blake used copper plates, and I am illuminating the print with watercolor, ink, and even gold foil.

Click through on any painting to see a higher resolution scan.

a digital illuminated print of a desert scene. In the distance the sun is setting over the mountains, and in the foreground we can see a few cactuses, and a road runner, who has a piece of cloth in his beak. There are footsteps in the sand forming a path walking into the distance.
The Scrap of Fabric hung from the bird’s mouth, Unfinished Magic dribbling out the Frayed Edges
October, 2019
Illuminated Digital Print of a young girl with brown hair and a black beagle sitting on the road, in the distance is a woman on the ground, and three ravens circling.
She watched the Color drain from the sky, as the woman was slowly swallowed by Birds and Shadows
November, 2019