Gender and Presentation in Paint

Be a part of this project! Here are the details about being part of this project for trans and/or non-binary portraits.

Digital painting of a woman in a purple galaxy dress and silver elf ears
Trans woman, she/her — Digital, 09/219
A warm grey digital charcoal style drawing of two people in an embrace
Both nonbinary, they/them — Digital, July 2019
A pink and peach toned portrait of a non-binary person. They have longish curly hair and are looking down peacefully
Non-binary, rolling pronouns — Digital, July 2019
Greyscale digital charcoal painting of a person holding three rats on rough blue background
Non Binary, they/them — Digital June 2019
Digital painting of a seated woman, looking at the viewer. Sh has curly, purple hair and is wearing a moon necklace
Trans woman, she/her — Digital May 2019
A painting of a woman smiling at the viewer. She has long, curly brown hair and glasses.
trans woman, she/her — Digital May 2019
a digital painting of a non-binary person with red hair and glasses, holding an orange cat up to their face.
nonbinary/two spirit, she/her or they/them — Digital May, 2019
Watercolor painting of the artist. He is wearing glasses, and has piercings and green hair.
trans man, he/him. Watercolor March, 2019